Sunday, December 21, 2008


hAHA.. what an expression. Baru tu. Rosak eh mataku.. kalau meliat spring chicken or old cow.. you're mad. Cermin dulu eh... Dalam kehidupan banyak yang di pelajari. so always bercermin dulu sebelum keluar rumah.. and asked yourself - how far did you achieve in life? what good have you done in life? if not enough, then cermin lah dulu puas puas.. so you will get something, something that ..... when you go out there, you will be protected with who you really are and who you want to be... entah ah..

The Sweetest Love... wow such a beautiful song. Duno why eh i said to the guard tadi ah.. good morning... i said i saw the sun before i masok. Haha.ha.. so i see life is not that bad after all. JUst takes times. I am the happiest person right now... I love my cousin so much. She is someone i look up to, and i am very happy today... i did my part, did my task in life. What?? well for me to know only... love you kuz.

Sakit merindui seseorang. Wah me boleh rasa apa yang you rasa. Click when you said.. spring chicken or old cow... haha.. shoot.. i just got to laugh it out. OLD COW actually got the ***** than the spring chicken. ha.ha.ah.... giler eh!! Dat would be my old joke... eh sensitive eh old atu.. em... evergreen kali better. Hahahahhhh cali if you know the story.. Giler eh!!!

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