Monday, December 8, 2008


Another long and great weekend for me. Fantastic. Though my heart ani lonely. But yeah.. i managed to not think about it so much and kept myself busy. I enjoyed it but i don't want that to be forever like that. There are times when i was driving here and there, out and about thinking when it go to be a super great one for me.. oh well.. yes oh well..

Doing all this and that kan, i met a lot of people along the way with their own attitude. I smile. They make me smile. The thought may be i was entertaining them but then they are actually the one entertaining me. Amazing with all the people that never exist in your life would love you for who you are... Amazing..

Living a life just plain simple, super.. but i would love to have a great life. Nice.. on the way to work today, right melintas rah Masjid Jame Asr' Hassanil Blokiah Kiarong, i said to myself, i don't mind to have a men in my life dengan kesederhanaan nya and kaya dalam keimanannya. So when i am his, he could lead me and take my hand and my children and our children to SYURGA di akhirat kelak. That's just so wonderful feeling to have this morning.

Looking for something great, you will give such impact to people around you. When you're great, people around you will be ketempiasan the something GREAT and you would be positive in life though you know the reality not... My bayangan will follow me forever, hanya when i am gone, no more bayangan. Oh let me ask you jua, you woke up this morning, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you think of something too or just simply buka mata and oh..just anohter day?

Well.... lain aaaa... lain orang lain cerita nya.. i have a good time this week and the week before. Just to share with you. Last week weldone Aniza!

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