Thursday, December 18, 2008


Hello.. been a while on and off writing now.. Been busy. But i got plans oN what i want to do for the next 18months.. so just get ready.. ha.ha... now travelling here and there. Yeah now Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta tumpuan. Next year be different. Insyallah.. target in life and believe in it insyallah.. will tercapai. Different life Style. I am looking forward for my next holiday trip in December 2009. And saving now.. It would be great. And Luqman is so looking forward to be with me for December holiday. Wish i could take Maleeq with me but we'll see.
I remember Luqman ever ask me about where MUMMY comes from.. Oh.. i said one day we'll go there. Mudahan di sehatkan badan and di panjangkan umor for us to visit Egypt. Dat would be nice too... not only meliat in documentary, or read sejarah book, but to be there and see thre real thing, how about that.. .. and hope tempat tempat like that still exists..ha.ha.. maklum lah, dunia modern and anything can happen. Just imagine no one would imagine TWIN TOWER in USA atu gone like that.. so expect the unexpected...
Wah teringat tah me jua tu.. cian eh. I was watching it from TV.. giler eh. My brother was in Dallas that time too. I was there not long jua. And the airport atu in Dallas Fortworth.. oooooo... scarry... Tuhan sudah ada rencana for everybody, so inda tani tau apa rencana nya... Always berdoa saja rahmat and keberkatan dari Tuhan tani... Masing masing got your own believe.. so yeah we all want to have the best for us tapi hanya tuhan menentukan..
I have to sacrifice not watching my favourite movie channel and the favourite tv series at the moment. Just didn't have that time... I have a GOAL and that's more serious in my life now than to watch TV... ha.ha.. Inda lah. I only watch the movie i like.. ha.ha.ha... took Luqman to the Mall and watched BOLT.. FUNNY!!!

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