Saturday, August 7, 2010


I am tired and sleepy. Been busy this week. I can't imagine. Numb my head tarus. Yesterday Friday, i woke up early at em.. 7am. Slept lagi.. buka mata lagi.. finally bangun and tarus shower. Then 8ish am, to the kitchen and have breakfast. My son already bangun, and we had tuna berchili sandwich. Sambil atu, i took out the fillings for beef pie already made the night before that. Heat the oven and start filling the beef pie and ready to bake. Done!! Off to work for me and let my maid to look after it. done!!

Went to work and what? I FORGOT to bring my jacket. Wowe... sajok berabiz for four hours in conti. Sajok.. i was wearing kurong. Ready to attend function after work at 2pm. So from 10am to 2pm, phew!! siok eh kesajokan. Belipat lipat kaki di atas kerusi. Rasa jua kan warm.. Haha! Never ever ever leave my jacket. Kan patah tulang belakang.

2pm- off to lambak. Majlis Nikah at Kiarong. Bekumpul di lambak ramai ramai. Ada yang pakai bus. Ada jua jemputan Doa Arwah di lambak. Banyak jemputan ani. But ia lah, bebagi bagi tah. I send my son for the Doa Arwah and i go for the Majlis Nikah. Wedding nya tmro. So done that bit. Then balik, rest jap. Out lagi at 7pm membawa children meliat wayang. Wow!! almost tetidor dalam cinema. Hehe..

Balik balik atu, alum lagi tidor. Itu ini.. nah almost 1am. Then i set alarm clock at 4.45am. Only what.. sedikit hours to sleep before i start my day. Saturday today suboh i work tadi. When you don't have enough sleep, well better pick up your mood fast before you enter the conti. Kalau inda pengsan kan melayan 4 hours.

Pick up my son from school, and makan and send him back for Ugama School. Then back home and sleep for 2 hours. Bangun went to my mama house. Cerita cerita kajap.. Then balik. Sambong jap ke Manggis Mall to buy one of the boy punya kasut for basketball. Ate. And home again. Felt like i didnt do much today. Could have done more. But well that is only for today. Tmro sambong lagi. Another day..

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