Thursday, August 5, 2010


"Liza: Mengambang..mcm baie~~". This copy and paste i got from my chatbox. And this person use namenya LIZA.

LIZA sounds beautiful. Tapi ganya cara nya kan minta attention is NOT SO COOL. Like spitting in public is NOT COOL. Like picking your nose is NOT COOL. Like flirting when you have someone next to you is NOT COOL. Imitating is NOT COOL. And having a beautiful name and wrong attitude is NOT COOL.

If you want to be NOT COOL, psst.. jangan pakai nama yang COOL. It is so UNCOOL. Anyway, when i read this text in my chatbox, i sengaja leave it there and not deleting it. I am unsure who is it for. Is it for me, for other readers or for her. She got to use or hear this words at home. Because everything starts at home. And she was born from rahim mamanya and she was brought up by one family. So still unsure, when was the part that she thinks by using this words, its going to get her somewhere? You got to be a loser to use such words. You've got to be bullied before that you just have to bullied others now. Sad kan..

Well.. she might meant well. But do you think? Haha.. and i wonder how she got to know HOW KAMBANG IS BAIE? What? What is BAIE? Bayi i know.. another word for baby. But BAIE? Baie is BABI jua. So i guess this person is very close to BAIE jua kali. Becuase this person knows attitude BAIE. What do you think?

As far as i am concern, i know BABI HUTAN is ganas. And there's nothing COOL about BABI HUTAN. Gila BABI ada. Mati saja. BABI i have seen along jalan Kuala Lurah. Bawah rumah lagi. Em.. pink and brownish in color because of lumpur. That's all i know about BABI. Babi is haram to eat. Babi got this worm dalam badan, that would not mati walaupun di masak and its not good for our badan. But ATTITUDE BABI or BAIE, like kata Si LIZA, 'MENGAMBANG', you got to be close, very close to know that BABI or BAIE is.

So LIZA, siapa yang BAIE?

Salam. Semoga kitani di jauhkan dari memiliki hati yang burok. Dan semoga apa yang kita lakukan dan cakapkan hari ini menunjukkan kebijaksanaan diri kita sendiri untuk menjalankan kehidupan yang penoh dengan dugaan dan cabaran. Insyallah.. di jauhi dari PENYAKIT HATI. Kita akan selamat bila kita menyelamatkan.

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7th Sign said...

Gila jua.. i just noticed it.

ada jua org jeles rupanya... :S