Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ada advertisement atu about roti. Sooo cute. Pasal roti bulat. I don't want to forget this one, that's why i blog it. It makes me smile.. How berakal jua kanak kanak ani.. very funny and cute. I need that smile tadi so bad, and that cheer me up. :)

Mama nya put a cookie on his plate. And told him to not eat it until she gets back. He waited to long and gelisah wanted to eat that cookie. So.. tunggu.. tunggu and tunggu.. lama juga mama pergi ani. Gelisah.. he took the cookie, in his hand now, on his palm, sandwich the cookie with both hands, rub it.. got some crust left on his palm, place the cookie back onto the plate, and start licking his palm... his eyes were rolling up and down while licking his palm... hahah!!!!

Let me ask you, Can you imagine? - I smile and thought ... berakal banar anak ani. Inda di makan nya, tapi di rasai nya with that crumbs yang lekat pada kedua tapak tangan nya..

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