Thursday, August 5, 2010


Just baked one. Cooling now. Jap lagi makan with ICE CREAM. Yes.. No, i am thinking of diet now. I am thinking of Brownies.. hehe!! Have a super petang today and hope you plan well whatever you want to do.

Oh i came across with this - 10 expenses you don't need. So go grab a piece of paper, get a good pen, em.. get your fave one, and start writing.. Now! Good luck.

Psst.. and paste it where you can see it. Let see.. the kitchen? The fridge? Toilet? The main entrance? or WHEREVER LAH!! hehhe.. Good luck.

Oh about the brownies, if you inda pandai bake, easy. Go out there and get the ready mix and try it. Sanang saja. I know.. its okay. That will push your semangat to start baking. If you like cooking, why not jua.

I am going to have my brownies now..

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