Saturday, April 17, 2010

Something from MY MaMa

She is always perihatin with vitamins kita orang makan. So she will check jua what we ate. She will seriously check it if it will do good to our body and what others to take to combine. I tell you, i am not good in chemistry but i am good in something else. haha.. this is what i wanted to share with you. But i will share with you what she will share with me. Its not for me only wanting to be healthy, but i want all to be healthy too... so we live to the fullest. You agree?

Multivitamins can keep you younger, longer. It shows Peopel who take daily Multivitamin had younger DNA. So true. Very true.

Telomeres are keys of aging. And its not just your life spa that's affected, short telomeres dramatically boost your risk of sreious diseases..

As your cells age, they're less able to defend against toxins and free radicals that damage your body and you tend to become more susceptible to a wide variety of age-related diseases.

Worse when your telomeres cmpletely run down, cell division stops and that's a bad news. Ehrn yout new cells no longer replace damaged ones, you DIE!

There are specific vitamins that lengthen telemores tht your formula needs to have. Vitamin B12 supplements increase telomere length. And vitamins C and E prevent telomere shortening, increasing the life span of cells.

Good idea to start with a diet that is full of foods that give you as many of the vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy.

So if you want to use multi-vitamin, shop with caution.

Study revealed that iron supplements have a negative effect on telomeres, they cause them to shorten. Who want to shorten it?? I wonder... so stay away from multi-vitamins that contains iron, let it be an organic multi-vitamin.

I took DOUBLE-X, and it contains no iron and its organic. That's good.

Ps. For vitamin B12, C and E, the RDA for adult males is 2.4mcg, 90mg, and 22.5 IU, respectively. So you'll have to be smart shopper when it comes to selecting the right multivitamin. So when looking for a superior multivatmin, you want it to have at least 500mg of vitamin C, 200 IU of vitamin E, and 100 mcg of B12. This will give you much more than the RDA amounts.

The first step to a better health for everybody is by taking multivitamin.

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