Tuesday, April 6, 2010



Don't know how many years already. Haha. Been waiting too long. Families and close friends asked me.. I don't know. If it's not happening now, it woun't ever happen (voices i heard from them and entah dari mana..). haha.. again i smile and laugh in my heart.. ya lah.

Oh well.. don't wait and look forward for that. I am confortable with this since long. Now i don't have to wait and mengusut.. I know the answer already. I am with the flow whatever flow there is. But yes i don't intend to wait if there's something good out there for me.

Never mind. It's too long. And sometimes when too long, its just become something. Like food, di hidangkan when you ordered wah.. panas and nyaman, fresh. But when too long, you're expecting and it didn't come, and turn out the way you wnat it, well you become angry. When too long food became stale and you become angry. When you expect too much, and you realized that the stale food not going to be good for eating, well.. you know the answer. Or when you realized its not a good place anymore to order food, well you move on. SORT OF ya.. haha

Life too short. And it got to be worth it to live while living. No more .. enough is enough. If not interested just say so.. don't let people wait and hope..HOPE. Haha. Ususally HOPE is good for for something.. but in this case HOPE don't know or not sure what it meant.

Does that happen to you?

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