Thursday, April 8, 2010


Aslmualaikum zura :D morning :) u knw what, i was dreaming of u lastnyte, we hangout,watching muviee at de mall and mcm2 lg la hehe.. Wlupun cuma mimpi tpi siuk zura, mcm bnr plg rsanya :D (from Suhaizah)

pS. I keep this. This doesn't come around very much.

**There was once, this person told me - met my late father, didn't becakap. I left my bag there, and i left, and my late just pointed the direction i went. And this person never met my late dad but knows that he was my dad. (that's sweet)**

JAWAPAN DARI zURA untuk yang text atas : oh.. so sweet. Thank you. I was there in your dream jua kali.. tapi me nada mimpi. Thank you for sharing. tq. May Allah bless you.

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