Friday, April 16, 2010

At ICC for Carnival Kerjaya On Wednesday.

Yeah i was there. Very interesting. You must go. You have not got a chance to work or been looking, go there, and you might get something. Yes i can say that. A lot of people that day too. Amazing feeling when all wanted to try out for the walk-in interview. So.. don't be shy shy, no point to be shy at this stage, rugi berabiz.

Have you heard - malu biar bertempat? Nah.. this is the one. Jangan malu untuk bertanya. If you still got that malu feeling at this stage, baik tah don't go. Stay home sure you won't get any at the ICC at Carnival Kerjaya.

Oh check out the Klinik Kerjaya. I myself also ask them there at the counter, wah.. rupanya. And if you want to know, you need to check it out yourself ya. So do go. Get something out of there and share with others your knowledge....

While writing, WAh.. yang baca Khutbah Jumaat today.. He is so cute. I am going to hear what he have to say. Eh.. not only me say he's cute, many many 0f my friends too. Like in the era of Nabi Yussof, sampai terpotong jari pun inda terasa bah orang atu.. Wah terlebih pulak.

Okay now.. lets us all listen to Khutbah Jumaat.


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