Monday, January 26, 2009


Met my galfren. hahahah... talking about ESCORTS.. Wow!!!! what? Why? Rupanya... ada yang minat dengan escorts di luar negara you know.. haha... cali eh. Like i dont know whats the story. So i am just being naive. What? Bayar is better than what you have? Very interesting. Just a piece of this red cloth.. what did you see? how did you imagine this red cloth? or perhaps lingerie.. What would you want to imagine?
My galfren told me about her boyfren outstation, paid escorts.. (if you dont know what it meant, well a high class prostitute perhaps like a 6 star prostitute with wah... best service can give maklum di bayar thats why kali...) just to enjoyed the sex.. the bebayar lah. Wow!!! Kata nya baik orang nya, pendiam, like inda bedosa pijak semut pun inda mati, but .... ha.ha... tawa jua ku cukup dengan expressi nya.. Boh!! jangan inda galat!!!

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