Wednesday, January 21, 2009


gastrik attack yesterday morning since 3am. Supposed to work at 10am. on the way to work, vomitting in the car util i reach the studio. Then on-air for just 10min, and just cant stop vomitting.. haha.ha.a. look funny when you're grown up and vomitting. Its okay if you're a child. Huhu.. not pregnant. But gastrik attack only. False alarm.. haha.. But not haha yesterday. Sick Didy got to take over my work. And Lydia had to stay with me for a while coz not sure i could make it yesterday. Thanks Lydia for staying and thanks Didy for taking over my work. Sometime this month tukar ya.. thanks. Went home, vomit lagi, and then makan poridge and slept until petang, then makan lagi.. rest until malam and today. Now feeling just a bit better but just pening pening. Cant stand up too long, dizzy.... Huh.. i dont like gastrik attack ani. And i dont like being sick. Now m on my bed, half asleep and typing. jap lagi ozzing tia nie.......... Oh.. last nite rain heavy.. guess that would be the worst kali.. banjir few places. Luckily me at home, and sleep.

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