Thursday, January 15, 2009


I plan to get married for the second time and settle down sometime in 2010. But still unsure should i or not? Scarry when i see what i saw. But not so negative about it too. I am positive about settling down but just unsure.

Question - What do i look for in settling down??

My answer - Em... security on the top list the rest is history... haha.. See i am not serious about answering the history part.. anyway security. Then the TLC. em.. the rest let me figure it out. Do you have any idea?

Question - When is the date??

My answer - i have it already in mind. Wonder saja who would have the same wedding date with me.. ha.ha....

Question - With WHOM??

My answer - That for you to find out..

bah dats it lah... I am just thinking now.... is it going to be worth it or should i just stay single forever... OPPSSSS should i just be THE GREAT SINGLE MONTHER to my baby.. haha... Ps. He always ask me when i want to kawin.. he would like to have little brother.. Well... i said i can get anytime, but he said no.. he wants from mummy punya tummy... Hahahahahahahah

What I SAY - Brilliant!!! WHY NOT!!

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