Saturday, January 17, 2009


phone ring... ring..ring... and i answer lah. Sekali talking about bonus.. haha... pagi pagi lagi. Ya lah in the minddle of the month talking about bonus. So the moment i open my eyes, buka my tingkap and meliat all my plants dari atas and wah.. my cempaka.. Lawa berabiz..

Matahari lagi bisai di luar ah.. and wah i can already smell the future. Well too much jua tu ah.. haahahahahhhhahahah ... So anyway yah really like i can imagine already the future. my cempaka keliling my swimming pool. Very lawa lah. But somehow..

somehow th moment i buka my tingkap atu, i felt as though i was in california at woodlands at the balcony that morning and also meliat the trees and roses kembang di garden... Yes and that's why i just felt like somehting really special..

now when i say all this that doesnt mean i dont have problems. I do but i just dont want my problems atu to overlap my good feeling for something i am looking forward for in my future. Like you have a choice bah, buat apakan sakit kan kepala with problems, why not think of something good that can make you smile. why not??

Problems tetap ada, and tetap ada jalan untuk menyelasaikan nya. We are all humans and we are all dealing with humans. Complex very complex. That's reality. Not that we are humans and dealing with animals. That would be different story. Kalau like that, only humans with animal thinking saja... ha.ha.. ada jua tu. But at the end of the day, all are humans and that can be settle.

Beautiful morning, i am going to bangun now and go out. Well mandi dulu. Then out and about. Cari orang lagi.. cari orang lagi... cari orang lagi.... For what ??? ada lah tu. Not easy but got to do it and its fun lah... Why wait orang cari kita, kita cari orang... malu?? well kalau malu biar bertempat.. but its okay jua kalau malu, inda salah.... hehehe...

bah.... hope you have a great day today... take care.

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