Tuesday, January 13, 2009


wah.. i have not been writing. Some frens ask me tulis dong.. isi kan dong.. i said for the time being just too busy. but may be by end of this year a lot will happen. As long as good health and everything hope go smooth...

Been busy like you too.. ya lah bila sudah mempunyai goal, yah.. concentrate and harus focus. What is focus?? i learn new meaning of focus. Focus mean to remove all the problems we have within us. Little or banyak that cause distractions in our life to move forward. And then baru focus on your GOAL. How about you??

A lot of things happened and well... the rewards would be end of this year. So that i am looking forward to... its amazing what we can do in our life if you really want to make a difference. Yah.. hard working jua. Success don't come for FREE. Kalau FREE woh!! ramai mau kan... But to work hard sekali susah nak... Mau di pikir dulu sama ada mau success or not. Well all up to individu. Tapi si.. kalau lepak berjam-jam cerita kosong, okay. Wah.. lain kan.

I woke up every morning, thinking what would my life be if i didn't do what i am doing now... what i would be and who i would be in years to come if i let this opportunity pass by... you see, i always doa every time when i open my eyes for di perluaskan rezeki, di sehat kan badan untuk meneruskan setiap hari and di beri kekuatan mental dan physic untuk menghadapi dugaan yang di lalui... and yah di berikan. Mungkin cara yang di berikan berlainan dengan you and me.

Soalnya... apakah i am focus untuk mencapai my IMPIAN or not.. So focus to remove all the distractions that would cause harm to my GOAL and IMPIAN. So yes.. i am focus. its not easy... some would quit being focus just because of .... well their own reason. I wont blame lah. but then again, why quit when you can be FOCUS and be successful. its the same, you quit, you loose. you focus you win... which one you one? Is it not enough what you gone through? or are you too blind to see what's ahead of you??? Well... again you choose... its your choice.

I woke up every morning and wish all my DREAMS comes TRUE.. i will not think of the process to achieve my DREAM instead i will move forward and NEVER QUIT... I always think of my mom and my baby LUQMAN... i have already promise him.. Promise him for a better life.. May Allah be with me and my family. And May Allah be with you and your family too and may your dream comes true...

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