Sunday, August 31, 2008


slurrrpp... yummy..yummmy..

EM.. my SUGARCANE penting too.. thirsty ku. Semalam ku membali nie rah dewan serbaguna SUKANG kali toh.. Kan becerita dikit bah.. Last night atu, i really need COKE AND SPRITE OR PERHAPS 100PLUS.. huhu.. i only had water saja and some biscuits and kerang too and kacang too... so i was DESPARATE ani bah.. PLEASE.. ANY SMALL KEDAI ALONG THE WAY.. NADAI!!! MIMPI SAJA AH.. that's the time.. COBAAN.. COBAAN... Lastly ada lah orang atu give me ROOT BEER .. Yes.. apa lagi.. i minum and BURP long kali ah.. NYAMAI EH RASANYA!! atu baru ia..

Oh.... i need that for the sugar ja. I have to have that kind of sugar though i know not good to amalkan... bad bad girl hah!! hehe.. sekali sekala okay jua toh.. So my SUGARCANE tadi in my bagpack and i got 2 bottles of water and 4 cans of COKE.. nah.. baru ia. I got to drink the SUGARCANE saja.. at the end jadi ceritanya... ha.ha....

at least i am prepared incase of terstranded!! not bad. But you know what? you can still live without food but you can't live without water.. our body needs all the water in the world.. even fish minum and tidor kali ah... he.he.he..

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