Saturday, August 9, 2008

888 WAS

Yesterday.. my phone keep beeping... i set the alarm early this year.. but i guess no lah. Friends calls to greet me.. ha.ha.ha... greet me for the tut..tut..tut.. day. Siau .. ha.ha.ha.. anyway one of my good friend played me song.. em.. Fazli Zainal - HARAPAN and then nyamo .. play nya ku LAGENDA - Hadi Mirza.. WOW!!!!! FABOULOUS.. kata nya pesanan berharap saja tapi inda kesampaian.. Wah..

Au banar. When i think again, then i teringat if setitit hilang di laut atu, still have the laut kan.. Ryte or not? So i make myself busy. Really busy until no time to think.. eh.. think tah ya plang.. em.. no negative vibes loh. Very intersting hanging out with my IBAN friends. New things loh i learn. There going to be KELABIT WEDDING and see loh. I never been to all those weddings only MALAY ja. But that would be interesting.

Why shy shy about bangsa.. you should be proud lah of your bangsa. I find it very interesting to get to know about this. One of my friend cerita about the tatoo .. em rupanya ada jua tatoo yang di beri jika jejaka tu hansem. Ada banyak categori kan.. kalau the HEAD HUNTER lain tatoonya toh.. tapi kalau HANSEM ani bah.. ada jua kena beri. Only the one YANG HANSEM saja yang boleh pakai. Inda boleh pakai suka suka kalau INDA HANSEM... wah.. intersting kan. Atu baru sikit. Ada lagi.

em.. i know NADAI.. yes nada toh. and more lah. So D supposed to give me a lesson in BAHASA TUTONG and probably CYNTHIA teach me BAHASA IBAN.

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