Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank God.. now a bit better. Wah.. not a well week ah.. this happend only once a year. If not from my gastrik, it comes from my tonsil. Well..well.. now on antibiotik i am a bit better. It's not that by taking antibiotik is good for you, i would avoid it if i can too.. but what to do. Want to get better faster.. kan.

Hah.. many things happened in my life for the past week. Yes.. i am sure yours too. May be on the early phase of the week atu you are happy but end up with sadness.. may be you are happy all the way (that's good) and try to maintain for the coming week lagi, and maybe you are sad all the way in the week atu, or may be all campor.. that's good. Proof that you are getting stronger.

I see it, wah i talk to myself while driving.. "YA ALLAH.. apakah ku dapat meneruskan lagi hidup ani.. rasa macam inda sanggup untuk melaluinya, tapi YA ALLAH i know what i lalui ani you know that i will go through it soon.. (dalam berkata-kata like that menitik air mata me..) .. bimbing aku YA ALLAH .. ku mohon keampunan dari mu YA ALLAH.. beri kan ku hidup yang sempurna .. YA ALLAH.. beri kan ku jodoh yang sempurna YA ALLAH.. aku menginginkan ketengan hati .. YA ALLAH.. i am soooo lonely....

I want to have pasangan in my life ani. I guess and i rasa i complain too much for being lonely kali. Who wants to live ALONE? ...But actuallly being alone i can do anything jua kan. I can do whatever i want. And that hope lead to good things. (to say easy, but when you are LONELY.. well not senang you know.)

I envy my friends people yang berkeluarga. Like of course i got family, but i want to have my own. I don't know why i don't have my own ah.. dulu but only for a short while. I like being busy looking after my family, it makes me like a REAL WOMAN.. but entah ah.. like now more that that tah pulang.. like looking after all the PEOPLE family.. like having the business.. making self busy for all.. i like it jua but i want to have my own.ooooOOOOooooo

"beauty attracts bad men, very bad men" Yes so true. Why aah? Anyway going to be a long weekend for me. Going to be busy and shut down during the weekend. I will post some interesting pictures here.

for you and for me too..



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Anonymous said...

"beauty attracts very bad men?" what beauty r u talking about? Dream on woman!!! *yuck*