Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Gosh.. i am seriously lonely. I am so lonely. I am okay but i am lonely. I don't know who would understand how lonely i am. Look happy. But I am lonely. :(

Why am i Lonely? Entah.. i am really really lonely. I wish there are men out there yang single ka or yang duda ka or yang available looking for a real relationship. But i doubt it.. he.he...

I am lonely. But i don't know too if i have someone pun it would cured it up. I guess been too long kali.. and being lonely ani boring you know.. try to fill in my time and keep myself busy, but i am still lonely. I am human jua. I need that TLC like other woman jua.

I am just praying and hoping there would be jodoh for me.. di dunia ani. That would make my life perfect. But not so 100% perfect but at least someone to come home to, someone who really loves you.

Does it exist? Well.... i am LONELY.. Who should i call? Text? Chat? Meet? or what? If zaman kanak kanak, question Who Should I Call? Maybe Ghost Busters!!! But in time when i am lonely like this.. who should i call?? I guess anyone kali... Vuring jua eh..

I want what i want. And i will wait for that time to come. May not now and may not be later too.. but i know deep in my heart there are someone out there for me too... Just belum jumpa lagi. The sincere and the real man. The faithful and the one woman man. The ONE ... ha.ha.ha.. Ada kan masih tu??

I was poisoned with words such as.. like it would just be the same.. I am born like this.. em.. there would be this.. and that.. and apa apa lagi lah.. Hehe.. again i am who i am too.. but i am sure there are better people out there too.. Pebaik tah not RICH.. i am sure there are better one out there.

Now ..... RICH but MEMPERMAINKAN PEREMPUAN??? em.. that i am not interested. RICH and THINK HE CAN BULLY YOU.. well that too not intersted... RICH and SELFISH??? well.. all no no.. No matter how it is pun, tau jua orang. AH... KAYA with GOOD HEART, IMAN YANG KUAT, BERPENDIRIAN, PENGASIH & PENYAYANG.. EM yes... that i want. The one that knows about UGAMA in details .. YES that i want. A MAN FOR ME UNTUK DUNIA AKHIRAT. YES that i want....

em... ada kan lagi tu? Reason why... hard to find a real GOOD MAN & A SINCERE ONE TOO these days. May be easy for you, not for me. I guess i am no good too.. ha.ha.. That's why i couldn't see one.

Ada that song.. this is life. Life is like this. LIFE is GOOD no matter how bad your road pun.. its something for you and me to be AN EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE... nda ja? ja..aaaaaa


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NANA said...

Assalamualaikum Zura,

Dalam dunia ani, kita manusia ani banyak cabaran dan dugaan... Lonely memang udah kirafahnya, untuk mencari suami ani memang payah, petuanya... berdoa, beriktiar dan memohon pada Yang Esa... berserah Pada NYA...

Kita ini ani inda Sempurna.. KeSempuraan hanya milik ALLAH..