Saturday, November 29, 2008


I must say i am not good in relationship. I never make it in relationship. I am probably stubborn. And i don't understand how to have a good relationship. And i always got a WRONG MAN to be with. I don't know why.. Please Help!!!

I don't see any good man here. DO THEY EXIST? My mind is blocked now. Can't see any good man. And good man is always taken. Well... Its okay to me. Its just i need to straighten myself up to find a good man in my life.

I thought i was in a relationship, but all i could say its very cold. It's probably me. I don't blame anyone. I guess that the way it is. I become silent when i can't solve my problem on that bit. I don't feel love. I don't know ya....

Haha... that's just a bit of confession i have. I see others make it, have a good relationship. I envy that. I wish i too have that. But again reality, i don't know how perfect ones relationship is. ha.ha...

i just have to laugh it out. I drive all night, morning, feeling lonely. Something missing in my life. LIke one song "no woman no cry" ... i guess that should be "no man no cry".. ha.ha... Oh well... thank you Allah for everything. I am healthy but one thing missing. I am human too... i miss him so much. The HIM i used to know. But i lost him. I don't know where is the love anymore. I am so emotionally touch now. I wish ... i only wish he is my soul mate. But i am ready and reda if he is not too.... All with reasons. But it hurts.... Ha.ha..

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Anonymous said...

Dear Zura,

There's no such thing as a perfect relationship. To make a relationship work, two people need to meet one another half way. A relationship will not work if only one person is going all the way while the other stays put and do nothing.

I've been reading your blog for quite some time and one of the reasons for returning to read your blog is the positive thoughts that you always share with your readers. Stay positive in life. Love will come when you least expect it. It's a cliche, but there's some truth to it too. I wish you all the best and stay positive :)