Thursday, November 27, 2008


YES .... GOOD MORNING. How you today? yes this morning? Felling much better than yesterday? Not feeling anyting yet or perhaps just numb.. Oh i know how that feel. But you know, its just passing our time whatever you're feeling. Feeling emotional about it? Well... Its all about you. I was walking towards the studio and i ask myself.. do i really want to get up early in the morning for another 40 years and work??

I tried to imagine for 40 years working... waking up in the morning... Its scarry. Not that working is scarry, but wouldn't you want to wake up anytime of the day one day to do whatever you wish to do?? OOOOOhhhh set your own time and not anyone have a chance to put you down when you do all the things you do? I mean.... its all simple. Work gives you a very extraordinary experience in life, and wouldn't you want to have an extra extraordinary experience in life for just little thing you do to have the freedom later?? Well... different people have different thought.

Anyway helloooo ... I am working this moring on HBD till 10am. Haha... today some school invite parents to sign reports.. And yes i mention, if your children didn't have a good result that you wish for, well ask yourself what's the problem there? Em... don't angry angry with your kids. Instead talk to them, that they need to do better next time. And you will doa for them for their success in the near future. You see what happen then. They will remember that forever and i am sure they will learn to do better...

Oh morning greetings, text or mail me. Oh.. a quick question for you... Do you want to have a 5 year plan to be successful or a 40 year plan???? Up to you .. ITS YOUR CHOICE... just look for opportunities and a strong one which will give a REAL RESULTS TO SUCCESS AND TO YOUR FREEDOM... ha.ha... sounds fun!!

Have FUN today, tomorrow... WHENEVER..

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