Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Ordered Ice Blended Mocha less sweet - small, and myself Hot Latte with 2 pks of brown sugar/raw sugar. Yum.. Didn't realize the Ms.Zura with a smile bit on the CB paper bag until i got home. Oh ... i got to say - what a sweet thought. That made my day!

Thank you.

Psst.. i always ask his or her name, so i know who took my order. Tonight, i ask her what's her name because i didn't hear if she say her name clear or not at all. So i asked who was on the line? She said ' the hot, sexy ... la la ... la la..' I lost the other words, she thought i was her friend Amal nya. Hahahh... that make me smile, ada humor nya walaupun salah orang. So its okay with me. I smile all the way home ...

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