Sunday, August 28, 2011


Shadow? Tears?


I wonder too why? Where ever pun, where we stay in unfamiliar place this bound to happen. You bump in many stories or you get to experienced it yourself.

Yesterday i got new helper for my house. 1st day yesterday, introducing my house, my family, and discuss the RULES in this house. Easy, you follow life be easy and flow well with everything. Show the paces need to be clean, everyday sparkle here and there. Its easy, once you know and do it all. Treat it like your own home but with my RULES. You are apart of my family now. You stay in my house, eat in my house, sleep and shower in my house and i have to make sure you are healthy like us to do the everyday chores. Mean, you are in with the family and part of my family.

I don't treat my family like slave and i am not about to treat you like a slave. Your duty is at home to make sure everything is clean and comfortable. Laundry, toilet, beds make up etc. I do the cooking and you do the preparing when i tell you, and you do the clearing and washing dishes etc.

About the HANTU story. Somehow she felt something in the room. Didn't tell me earlier because she wanted to make sure if really what she felt is just her and it woun't be feeling it througout the night. Shadow. Shadow the first night once lights out. Ok..
Then, woke up to switched on the light. Its okay, nothing happen. Off again and this time she felt a very strong wind. Strong wind? No windows are left open and where's the wind from?

Bed start to shake, body froze like something pressing, voice was gone yet she was screaming for HELP! At 5 am in the morning. What could it be? I am out of words. Then the curtains opened by itself and she can see 'the mini zoo with big weird trees and bushes of plants' through the window. No wonder, when i was in her room, i saw the chunky hair clip was clipped on the curtains. In my heart said, why clip the ccurtain? Hahaha.. Rupanya got story!

I dream the same thing the night before. In my dream, i cleared some stuff from that room, wanted to put the bed in there, somehow winds out of nowhere blew and shut bang the door. I ran in slow motion, grab the lips of the door, someting push it hard to close with half of my fingers pilling it opened. I scream but in slow motion, i struggle and scream Mmmmmmah! To open my mouth wide open because i felt like my lips was glued.

Woke up screaming out loud! Oh, it was only a dream. It felt so real. This is the flashback before the helper arrived and live in that afternoon. Went to work and cut it short, reaced home i wanted to clear the room for the helper to sleep there. The door was locked. Locked? Yes, i don't know why. Never happen. So i said 'open the door.. Why you want to lock thiz door?'. It didn't opened. Called the locksmith to change the door knob. Well done.

Today i hear rintihan cerita hantu from her on the first nigHt.

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