Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Always refreshing to see newborn feet.

I just got the ONE FOOT here

and still feel good.

How tiny you are, how sweet you are

another life another chapter awaits.

Coming into this new world bring joy and happiness

to your mom and dad, families.

With so many surprises to come

into this beautiful life

with love and strength

to support your living power

with endurance for the upcoming challanges in life

better not forget when you are down

don't loose FAITH.

Just remember to look back at this little tiny foot

once come to set foot, to see the world

creates happiness at that moment in time

leave everyone to smile upon your arrival

when the very first time they set their eyes on you

and you with your first step into this amazing world.

Hope it will do the same to you..

This is especially for MIA from Aunty Niza .

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