Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lama inda berUpdate .. OPS!

Wow... been a while ya. Been busy jua. But so many to tell.. Saw many things happened. And thought i needed updated in life jua. Hahah... Many many to share. And i tell you some i didn't know but now i know and banyak lagi. Haha... i can't stop laughing when i think of that one too. I will be updating my blow later in the evening hopefully. Got to go to work later at 2pm to 6pm.

But yester FYI if you missed the news, Paul passed away. Yup.. i was in my car, at the parking lot waiting for the time to pass until i start my night shift.. Tuning to Kristal FM and BBC News was on. So yes got to hear the latest news around the world. Its better than reading.

For you yang hate reading atu, best not to miss at least to listen to the news or watch one. You have to, so you know whats happening too. Ya lah.. its hard but try lah . I will get back writing later.

shower and work.

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