Saturday, October 9, 2010


I awake every morning, wishing and praying to Allah, i will move on and deal with what i have to deal in life with what Allah got in stock for me for the rest of my life. But sometimes, i sat, i got frustrated, i am being fooled. I ask myself, was i foolish or is this just another what i have to go through to? Well.. okay. Its life. Who says its easy, but why make it difficult when its already is, and trying to manage and sort life to be in one piece. And ...

So when i am frustrated, i pray to Allah, its just too heavy for me, i just pray and wish Allah take me. Take me.. .. ..

When i listen to Maher Zain's song AWAKEN .. now and now and now.. i cry. Yes.. i am touched. I am one of that person. And I thank you Allah.. for this signs a way to reach me and a way for me to reach Allah that i shouldn't forget that i live for Allah, and not for anyone. I live to have a family, child, husband and families to make me happy to live in this world, and i still live for Allah. And yes ... that song meant a lot to me too...

A sign send to me by the Angels from Allah, through that song. So i be awake by the AWAKEN .. there are reasons why songs are created, its a way for some people relate to it and be awaken in whatever situation they faced. Well.. that's me.

We have given so many prizes in our life.
Allah is watching us.

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