Tuesday, October 5, 2010


LETTERS TO JULIET.. Lawa jalan cerita nya. Must see movie lah. Romantic. Don't know how many yang romantic di sini ani, tapi kalau sekiranya you hilang that romanticness in you, its about time to watch this movie and feel it again.

Bersemangat tarus tu. Serious eh, you would want to feel you again. Rugi kalau hilang romanticness in you. Rugi. Rilex all the muscle in you, and a good terapi too to ease your mind with good romantic movie.

I watch diam diam, sudah atu in the middle, ketawa ketawa ... (ada orang pikir aku chatting) tapi meliat dvd in my note book kali ah, then teary sikit almost to the end, and woweee... cun cun berabis. Nice. I am touched.

Yes i know how that felt. Really do. One moment in time, when you're lost and full of doubts, a pinch of love, will wake you up and smell the fresh new you with all the romanticness you longed for . oh... lovely eh.

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