Sunday, October 31, 2010

Keep Up Semangat!

I said i wanted to update it. But no time jua this week. Been a great week. Been a busy week. Been apa apa jua week lah. Drama pun ada. Hiya!! What to do with life?? Keep breathing, keep that semangat kuat and Insya-Allah you'll or me live for many many years to come. Quit semangat might just as well Die..

Bah banar jua tu kan. What do you want to do? Jadi Corpse but masih hidup? No lah ah.. yup. That's good. Nop.. Say Not me..

Sometimes i wish someone would understand me. But i wish i would understand someone too. But entah lost in the Bermuda Triangle or short BT. Kalau paham bisai. Ia tah, kan mengeloh buat apa jua, kan happy pasal apa? Entah what happen. Lost ... just lost. Jangan sampai ku menyanyikan YOu LOst Me .. hehh aiseh .. Au cukup popular oleh Christina Aguilera.

Keraja siang malam, macam atu tah kehidupan tani. Kehidupan i jua lah tu. But is that it saja kah? Drama sana sini.. happy ending expecting. But inda jua. Masih jua. But ia lah, dangar bawa bersabar saja. .... ....

Apa kan Zura cakapkan ani.. Haha!! Entah me pun inda tau.

My cousins drop by baru ani. We felt like dwarf. Well she did. And i do too. Like tried that 7" heel dah but masih jua. Thought tall tah sudah ni, but once you stand next to your other cousin only 11 and 12 years, ooh oh oh ooo become short. Every day shorter and shorter. I gues life pun like that, just we didn't see it. Its coming your way and my way too.

I am looking forward for November ani. Very interesting chapter in my life. I hope! How about yoU? Flying anywhere? Me? Yes.. looking forward.

Here is some tips. Don't know if it works with you. When you feel like you want to go away for a while, go. Do it. Don't let anything held you back. Go do it. Darn it. I lost it again. Esuk lagi samboong.

Psst. I am listening got GOLD. Oh just love em. Not the age factor. Been liking it forever. When you love someone, and someone not loving you back, its okay. I am sure someone out there love you but just that you don't know. Sayang kan. Hahah!!! Whatever! CheerUP..

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