Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I was driving tadi on the way to work. All the way i was thinking about 'complicated' relationship.  You get to see it too di laman FB, or other website of mencari kawan. What is 'complicated' to you?  From all the time i have been living till now, there are many form of complicated ani. Its either the male or female yang complicated. Wow.. amazing what i know and the experience i pernah rasa and alami where probably you never know or perhaps you sendiri pernah lalui nya but in a different way but almost the same.

I used to hear when i was super young that 'complicated' relationship ani is something like boy inda betul or girl inda betul. Haha.. i look back at it, i smile. What is complicated ani kan? Are we sendiri yang complicated. Haha.. If complicated why not just get out of it and wala.. not complicated anymore.  Well sound familiar? Haha.. i am laughing bah nie while writing. Because when i see it complicated now, just say so its complicated and get out!!  Not as simple as it sound ya.. ya.. because WHY? ... why? ... because maybe you still think that it gonna work? Well HELL NOT and will never be.

You complete me.. that's how it should be. If the title complicated FUCK get out from dammm SHIT. Don't go forward because there's nothing worth staying if its FOREVER COMPLICATED.  By now ... it should be you COMPLETE ME. whaoaaaaa.... So, which one?

Tell you a story. Let me see, what name should i gave this girl... Oh oh.. lets say EVA.  And i am looking for a boy's name... oh .. oh.. lets say Oler.. So Eva met this girl in a shopping mall, which Oler was screwing. We are talking about girlfriend and boyfriend now. Its normal i guess in this world for one screwing others.. Haha.  Then Eva knows about this and confronted her and told her to leave Oler. And that girl said 'he love to screw me becasue you're a lame lover. He secrew me because i gave a good BLOW JOB.. '  Something like that. Haha..

As i said, when i look back i laugh. Because.. i could say that to any bitch too. But its just not my problem that you FUCK WELL or SERVICE WELL or BLOW JOBBING WELL because I DO TOO. The problem is the fucking male who loves to screw not only you but your friends too. So wake up.. who is FUCKING COMPLICATED??

Oh there are more to say and tell and perhaps share.. Haha.. I will write more about COMPLICATED in other form.

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