Friday, June 24, 2011


I just receive text from my friend. Nya tanya if i got CANCER? Because ia dangar waktu orang kawin kenduri and somebody bercerita to ia that i got CANCER?

What a question? During kenduri itulah cerita-cerita yang akan kita dengar. Banyak kah yang baik ceritanya dari yang jahat? Atau, banyak kah yang jahat dari yang baik kita dengar waktu kenduri? This is how amazing how cerita spread fast when you don't know anything. Terlalu banyak masalah duniawi, sampai we ourselves didn't realized we ourselves berbuat jahat. So .. Are you like that?

A bit shocking to have been asked like that? But its good that my friend ask me. At least i can tell my friend I AM FREE FROM CANCER right now. I wonder who would talking and telling stories that i got cancer and how close is that person to me? What a world .. what a world. Full of ... nah, you just sambong lah.

Now again working, been a long time i have not sit on this hot seat. I felt and always felt good when listening to all these great music. Sometime when your friends played the same music all the way, you just kindda want to play someting different for your ears and that for you to enjoy it too. I hope you enjoyed it when i aired some of the great music that's not in our collection. Hahah.. I just got it baru and FRESH only in our station from the rack i got from travelling.

PSST... i am FREE FROM CANCER . Just spread the word around when you meet SOME PEOPLE who tells you i have cancer. Perhaps you could say, maybe you (that person yang bercerita atu) maybe you got cancer?




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