Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cerita hari ini 15.06.2011 12.47am

Last minit shopping. Send the car. Had dinner. Now packing and ready to go. Tapi ganya inda mau tidor. I think my other half sampai Paris already. Oh well.. tmro will be my turn in the air for the long hours and will start working on Saturday. Haha..

Sakit parut sikit. But just waiting for my droopy eyes to shut down. Hopefully i woun't be sitting and typing while i fall asleep. I give another 10 to 20 mins before i go sleep. And too, mana tau my other half call? Mana tau?

Oh i just had mango and strawberry. The last one dalam fridge. Sayang jua kalau inda di makan. Fruits jua lagi. I think i am excited to go home. Sleep atas katil sendiri. Watch TV in your own living room. And cooking in your own kitchen.

Hope i will see you soon.

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