Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just about what my day was yesterday..

Got home yesterday. A long day for me and guess what? Yes.. sampai home, went out and about driving and enjoying menyedut keadaan how peaceful this country have to offer. A long day for me yesterday and i miss Thursday. haha.. That will never come again.

Took AA from LAX to LA. Took Singapore Airline from LA to Singapore and stop over for 1 1/2 hour in Tokyo, Narita. Flight was smooth. From Tokyo to Singapore, bumpy ride on the 4th hours onwards. I guess the captain said it was snowing. I think. I mean i am trying to imagine that 35,000 ft, where does the snow come from?

I am numb. Reason not enough sleep. Keep on waking up as early as 2 am. Well i didn't sleep even late after 12 am. Then again at 4 am. Then again at 6 am. Bah tia.. malas tidor. Tapi ayong rasanya. I guess i will be feeling like this whole week. Lovely!

I wrote a note when i was at Narita Airport. I will share my thoughts with you when i get home. A lot of combaan eh. Very funny jua ada, bari kesedaran pun ada. All dalam hidup ani you will never miss learning. Atu pun if you are open to learn about life. Bukan saja from the outer layer of life, go deeper in and you will just have to let it lose or loose kali. I know it's not lost. hahah..

You will be suttle ... i think that would be the right word when you know what you know. Serious.

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