Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something Good.

When you feel you want to do something, do it. Don't let anyone stop you from doing it. You got the answer to whatever you want to do. BUT it got to be something good. Something worthwhile. A lot of people ask me if i know that girl? Well.. i know her from a friend. And i know her but not that well. I know she was a bestfriend of a friend of mine and i know she was the daughter of somebody that we called Daddy or Mummy and she was one of the family. So... Why do we need to know someone to give Al-Fathihah?

I am okay when someone ask me. But to have a friend and a girl go forever, that's just an awakening. She's gone forever. She's young. And i am older than her. I am supposed to go first, but you know, death didn't care. You go you go. You stay you stay but not for long. It is only temps saja you know. So yeah.. i can only recalled the thought of the last time i met her.

She was a fun and very cute funny and witty person. Open minded, like to laugh, smile and happy go lucky. The moment my friend text me that morning, i was working on HIB914, my tears drop and hard to stop. I must say hard to talk when you were in that state. Bother my mind and its just knowing someone you know was very frustrating.. but you know we'll meet again. We all going but don't know when.

psst.. my friend, the bestfriend of this girl was here. Drop by because she had a rehesal tonite. She came in, and stand there and sebak dadaku. Imagine to be in her shoes. But no.. i don't want to, but i can feel her lost. She missed her so much. We hug and oh... i can feel the sadness. My tears kan keluar, i tahan, but watery my eyes for sure..

Oh one more thing, you receivedsad news that day and then you also received good news. What's the good news, lots of babies born too..

Well.. it's okay to do something good. Honestly, you do good everyday and every saat, every minute and hour for yourself. Jangan pilih bulu even untuk bersedekah Al-Fatihah.. Salam.

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