Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Can't imagine sampai now very busy. Last week till now. Training last day tomorrow and last day to submit the cd on Friday. Very interesting about this training. No, can't say so much. Its for the DJs only.. haha. Penyiar. The next thing to do now is to upgrade the DJ'ing.. To become the one step above the DJ common. Interesting kan.. Got PFOfessional real PRO. Dj'ing pun ada.. i thought just Doctors, Lawyers, Professors etc.. or Sukan PROfessional. Dj'ing also got!!! Under the category of BAKAT. Have you heard of that? Yeah.. that's what we learn. BAKAT not easy to have.. You can have higher education on whatever if you want to be PROFESSIONAL, but in DJ'ing or PELAWAK or Singers or Actors or Actress in Dunia Hiburan, being a PRO is from tahap pencapaian nya.. Intersting. I woun't call myself a PRO yet! haha.. are you?

Too many to story. Ada kah masa training we all know things we don't about how the DJs felt. That's amazing. I thought i only got THE PROBLEM which is small lah pakai kanta pembesar big lah.. But the rest also got. Haha.. ketawa sesama sendiri kami ah. At least my problem not as bad as theirs. But its a lesson. What i tell you pun, bukan for keburukan, its pengalaman and lesson from their pengalaman. I like that. Wonder kalau you pun have the same problem at your work?

I think.. i rasa i nak buat sesuatu yang baik untuk tahun ini. Mahupun dalam hidup i. Dalam pekerjaan i, i nak buat sesuat yang lain sikit. kalau nak tahu, nanti you kena tune bersama and you lah tell i apa yang lain nya.. Okay not?

Kalau nak mengritik, okay i boleh terima. Tapi mesti ada cara terbaik dari apa yang you berikan komen atau kritik. Kalau nak mengeritik saja nak memuaskan hati perut you.. piiiiie lah. Menyampah ja. Kritik dulu diri awak then baru lah kritik i. Kalau you dah kritik diri you, i pun tau, go ahead kritik i... haha .. tak kisah.

Adoi sangal nya kaki sebelah yang nie ah. Kenapa kan tu ah? Like tulang nilu nilu dalam saja. Haha makin muda kali. That's why. Now, i am preparing my script for tmorrow. Bukan senang to get idea. Idea pun cannot yang used one.. Basi you!

I haven't wash my hair for 2 days now.. i haven't shave my legs for what?? eheeeee lama eh. And yes i did shave my armpit 2 days ago. Hahaha.. My eyebrows alum di alusi lagi.. i felt so purba. Haha.. you know what i mean kan? Next week plan to be city girl eh. Need to to for the purba part. How about you? Been grooming?

Oh ... oh you know what? I wanted to share about SHOPPING wen i was oversea. This woman was actually shopping for shoes for Chinese New Year. She got 3 pairs of cute ones.. and i tell you Red is one of the pair.; I was looking for shoes jua. Lots of shoes that kedai with all the brands. I love NINE WEST too.. So at 2.15pm.. i jalan jalan meriki kasut kasut yang ada and i am very good at this. I found satu pair of shoes yang ada color brown, dark blue and sort of messy blusih greay old color (very nice jua) and i ask to get my size. Different shoes got different styles and sizes too. I like this style so i ask for size 39. Usually if sandals i would go for 38 or 37 1/2. So i try lah..

I heard this lady asking the sales girls, which one.. which one.. which one.. I pun jeling sekilas and i said to myself.. okay after i tried my shoes i will tell her what i think of that one that she wore. She saw me trying my shoes and she ask that girl to take the same but the dark blue.. keep asking which one? Mind you, she got a few well about 5 pairs on the floor to choose. She got 2 pairs already, but she need one more. She and the girls waited .. no confirmation. Kusut musut the sales girls .. haha

She ask ' which one better? Which one nicer? Which one is CHEAPER??' . Me apa lagi.. like ah?? Cheaper? baru ia.. The brand is not cheap. The cost of the shoes are S$189.00. So ... all she need was someone to say 'it looks good on your feet'. But it got to be sincerely from you. She will know.. Opinion is important to others..

Memilih kasut pun need someone opinion to confirm the beauty or how elegant it look on her, or perhaps her kaki lah.. Opinion. I don't get any commission from saying 'yes mem, that shoes sure looks good on your feet. It makes you look tall, elegant and smooth. You got that feeling that shoes is for you.. your feet. What do you think?'.. that's all. A real sincere opinion, just a little one meant a lot to others big time!! That's a good feeling for me. Its a confirmation that she wants.. And she bought it!! haha.. You got to have that passion being a sales girl. No matter what..

What job you have.. sales girl, sales men, receptionist, postman, cashiers, etc.. you got to have a passion to do that, that feel that you're enjoying what you're doing.. and i tell you ... MAGIC is on your way.. It will change you life without you know it.. Its amazing. PS. I used to be a sales girl. too and i learn something from that. I used to work with UNITS in USA, part-time while schooling. And that store is actually for people who have badan yang inda porpotion or perfect pun okay. I got to learned the code of each baju, and which one yang dapat di jual if customer wants to have yang sesuai with her. So ladies would come in and just ask what she wants, tapi kadang not sesuai for her badan, makes her look short, big on the side.. etc, I have to tell her what would make her look good in. So she would listen to me.. or same goes to other collegue of mine.. You get it.. Its about you being passionate with your work..

People like to hear good things about them.. why not? So you just got to polish yoursef and listen and hear all the good things saja about people. And you will have that positive thinking all the way, no matter what, you will automatically open your mouth and say all the good things. What do you think?

Well i got to go now.. need to sleep. Tomorrow got to start early. I hope i got a chance to drop a word one or two.. Nyte .. Nyte. Sweet Dream.

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