Saturday, February 13, 2010


Blue day for me today. Still i have the chance to say Thank You Allah for what i am facing now. Serious? Well serious enough for whatever it is pun. One after one and after one. But i am still okay. I stare at the blue sky and i just read from awan berkumpul the word Allah in jawi. That's how amazing my life is right now.

Blue day it is. Entah what's going on too i am not sure. What Who When where What?? I am now thinking what would a wise man do? That's what i plan to do. Its like this.. i used to blame others for the troubles i have and faced, but now.. well trouble woun't come if we don't make one. Whose to blame? Yes ... you're right. Blame others and where is you? Are you to blame? How many of you admit to your wrongdoings? Well.. get what i mean?

Now i would not blame others. I blame myself. I blame myself so i can do something to make it right. Wount making something right would make everything right and okay? It also depends you know.. Who you want to communicate jua.. haha.. kalau nya low IQ susah jua toh.. nya nya au nya nya. Let it be. Mengalah doesnt mean you kalah. Remember that word? Well...

So kalau unjust criticism.. well self examine yourself. Like me.. Are you wise? Ask yourself lah.. i am not asking you.. i ask myself. If you want, you ask yourself. Are you wise? Or is it going to be greater troubles than it is and worst? Well.. again are you wise?

I am thinking about something, but you know.. when i feel it just going to get more troubles than good, i back offf.. not that i am scared of you, its just somehting not worth to repeat. And not a minute worth to be thinking about it. Well....

Got to go! got laporan to do and submit by this afternoon. I am in my BlueDay now.. But its worth to have this feeling.. A new lesson i learn today and that's refreshing. Take care. I be back. I am happy too that everyone finally got what they want. :)

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