Monday, March 23, 2009


Went for a walk at the stadium tadi petang. Many people at the stadium eh. And now just got home. On the way, listening to CD - a very good one. Not song but talk. Sometime nice to hear talk than music. True or not? But music surely ke jiwa lah.. Talk?? inda lagi ke jiwa.. inda betidor bah memikirkan. Good problem yah.

Tadi i was at work. As usual Birthday Greetings and Saya Suka (I LIKE). Somehow mood mellow a bit today. I should have run jump up and down. Not like usual i feel. What do you feel?

mellow kan...

Songs ani, when you are far from each other, and dulu you we

So song also a bit mellow...heheh.. I like that one song by TT DJ. Beautiful song. Very meaningful to me. Em.. got songs yang other like too tadi, wah nasib mengobati them too. Just extra songs perhaps would remind you of someone once upon a time too.. Haha..

re close with each other, and song atu yang bring your memory back, dats a wonderful feeling. I suka toh. Tapi ada jua sebalik nya. Now bila you hear that song, you tend to rindu but when you fight you forget about it. When you hear another song lagi, rindu lagi and that kerinduan can turn you jadi the sweetest person. Betul tak?

I saw dari my bedroom.. wah!!

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