Sunday, March 22, 2009


At the end of the day, its not the day that is not good. It me with today, my journey with life for today not good. Hard to accept, but the truth is there. Its reality of life. Too be worried too much doesnt help at all. Just get out of it before terjerat.

While driving i listened to Kristal Fm.. and before Marghib prayer Dj Izat play Hijjaz with the song Sebelum Terlena. Wow... menitik air mata me and i terus berdoa.. Dj Izat play songs that relate to how i felt tadi. From 6pm he starts on-air till Azan Marghib. Wow.. thank you, though you dont know how i felt tadi, but i tell you just so right. The right moment that click me, wah.. i am touched.

What i faced today, will be forever in my heart. Now i saw something that open my eyes about something. Different problems, and yeah solved. Every problem always got solutions. Either you want to make it big or just forget it. Find a way to solve a problem. I dont like to live with problems but problems do comes along your way. So i make it ringan and not be a burdon to me if there's a way. Always pun.

Tough yes very tough. I start to think lagi tadi, and i said to myself, thank you Allah. The Angels are around. The Angels protected me. I felt blessed. I am totally alone and i would like to have today for myself. I am totally not focused now. I remember what RHR said, to be focused is to eliminate those unnecessary things in our life. And to be focused to what i want... I am mad at myself for not being focused but i wount let this happen for long. I will be back on track. This is what happen when i wanted to achieve something and wah.. terlalu banyak cobaan.

I be on my feet tomorrow, Insyallah. I was in the pouring rain tonight. I just wanted to feel the rain. Feel the freshness dari langit. And yes i am loving it. Alway have a good intention in whatever we do in life and Insyallah all the good things come your way. With greatest gift you would not imagine, and all from Allah. Have believe and faith in Allah.

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