Sunday, February 22, 2009


"I heard about you. I know your background. You reck my MARRIAGE??? ... " Hello, like i heard about you is not valid in my life. Know me personally and say that to me, that's valid. Haha.. i tell you the story of that later ya... What people see when you JANDA and what people not see when you JANDA.. Bad..bad...bad mouth!! Catch you later with the hottest story. Au about me.. ha.ha..


Pinky L said...

so what with that status... bkn u ngcau urg pn dear sis... a lil msg 4 u... jst b strong 2 face evrything.... luv ya sis.. *hugs* =)

Braneghan said...

Hmmmm..why people have to put as an issue about JANDA??I dont think there is any problem with these my point of view JANDA is also human being but only thing is they are less oppurtunate kinda people.People only know and see from the bad things but people doesnt know whats in the darkside of JANDA'S life before till that so called JANDA title honoured to that individual womaen.So please lah people out there COME OUT FRM THE BOX AND SEE THE REAL WORLD.THXS