Friday, February 20, 2009


You know what.. my notebook wire nya rosak. And i need to check today, if i can already use it. Yah.. boring jua toh. Lama inda blogging. Slow eh. Baru ia. I have so much to share but ya lah, cannot charge my notebook, so cannot use. Just have to wait lah. How long to wait?? too long lah. Langoh me.

Oh yesterday pun ada accident. Pun i think dono lah. I guess rah U-Turn atu kali people like to take chances to go jua when nampak the car coming at a speed limit yang laju. Taking chances like that is just not worth it. Taking chance with your life on a thin fine line to something can cause death, well... you know it, you see it, yet you didnt value your life and GO!! BANG!! what's next??

I think, almost everyday we saw accidents. Duno whose fault. Parah lagi yang cause death. Death of love ones is not a good feeling for the families yang di ditinggal. All the time we just have to be matang when we drive. If you just want to be a road idiot, dont drive. Let someone you think and confident good road user or wise to drive. Its not funny being an idiot when you drive. Think and think again.

Sometimes, we drive carefully, out of the blue, someone will knock us down. Crazy jua tu. Like the other day, at the round about Qlap, yeah..yeah the mini one just kena buat there. Well i tell you, the staff at the bank just across told me i was the first one got hit. Wow!! Now i tell you, i was in the round about, and this big car just langgar me.. I was with my son.. My son was shock.

Lucikily i saw from the side mirror that car is coming, and i was worried like shit that it might hit the middle where my son sat. My son as a passenger, beteriak in the car once the car hit my car. And i tell you, the moment i got out the car, my son told me not to go out. Takut ia pulang mumy nya gadong with that man. Well.. that man berumur jua, and inda mengaku salah lagi toh. Well that for us to find out after the court case lah kali. I spend about $550 to fix that door. So ... inda kan me pulang yang kan bayar, walhal ia yang hit my car. Atu..

But again, if anything like that happen to you, i know you would probably alih your car to a safer place hoping inda menyusah penguna jalan raya yang lain. I tell you, if orang yang inda bertanggong jawab hit you, and he will not admit his fault, susah you toh. So if ever even small acident, dont move your car. Wait for the policeman to come do their job. It help a lot. And you dont have to argue whose wrong and whose right.

Lah i miss my notebook. I got so many pictures to share too. And i want to just put em in this blog of my life, its the diary of my life. And by the way, i received text from frens and families and people i dont know the moment i got the award. Amazing 60s soon kena announce and then mencecah to 100++ within the half hour. Wah amazing. Thank you to you whoever send the text to me. I still kept it, its a memory. When i have the time, i will post it here. I just have to.. Its a beautiful memory.

Anyway... got to go now. Cheer up you. I also feel the same thing. And i tried to see things positive. And its not easy. We just got to be strong ya.. cry it out if you need to, and smile after that.. Its not really as bad as you think...


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