Friday, July 22, 2011


Yup. This one is double chocolate with banana flavour. Yum. I liked it so much. Was @UBDFM Thursday afternoon and met all DJs there. I guess all. But not all jua kali coz' i met one more arrived when i was about to leave.

Spend time and shared experienced. I enjoyed it and just hope they enjoyed and learned something too. I learned something from them too as we shared our talks.

Its good to share. Its good to help. Its good to get help. Its good when i help myself too. Its good, always good when help is always there for us. And its good to be humble and to know its not that bad at all when you ask for help or be help or to help.

What am i talking about? I think i am the only one yang tau what i am writing here. FEEL .. ! FEEL .. y'all, then only you know what i am saying. Yes!

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