Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Whoaaaaaa!! Yes. To speak English, easy. But to present, its hard. Caya lah. If you mother tongue is Malay or others, still very hard to present. Salut to you for presenting it so well. Not easy.. i say not easy.

Frankly i am learning to produce a good essay. And its not easy. Not a casual essay but the serious one. Accademic Essay and its not easy.... hahah!

I always wonder why people comment my blog.. haha! I wrote my blog ani, just with casual writings. It have different style. So jangan lah comment as though i am going to sit for an exam!

I will not give up. And i hope my tutor woun't give up. A very heave vocabulary to learn in 'one month?' No way.. but in process.

Not easy, that's all i know. But willing to learn. Nada kerugian in learning. Whatever it is, everyday is learning for me.

Oh do you know this word? - ANTEDILUVIAN?

I told you.. not all know that word. I have to look it up in the OXFORD DICTIONARY of Current English and it meant:

ANTEDILUVIAN - Ridiculosly Old Fashion.

another word also - Age-Old.

Heheh.. So i learn it today, and you too... Yeha!! Great!

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