Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank You ALLAH


the greatest present for me is my life. I am still living and breathing. I still got this chance to see another birthday.. I hope to see another birthday next year too.. I am glad that i am still as i am now and i am dalam keaadan sempurna. Though i have been through a lot in many many ways, i did enjoyed my life in many many ways too and am glad i am still here to share with you whatever there is in life in my lifetime.. Haha.. tekidum me. I am happy.

I am glad to be with my families last night on my birthday eve. It was simple yet amazing experience to have all of them. I am happy very happy. I wish to see more years to come with the greatest life to achieve. Thank You Ya Allah for giving me this opportunity again to be with them. Al-Fatihah (let us give a moment to ourselves to baca Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa) hadiah for yang telah pergi sebelum kitani and and untuk kitani. And Al-Fatihah espeically for my late Babah - Hj.Zainal Abidin bin Ladi. Amin..Amin..Amin..

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