Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just today..

Today is a very beautiful hot day for Brunei.. mendung a bit juga tapi very hot. Hari ani balik dari kerja, help my son with his homework. Just at home resting and getting ready for tomorrow. I will be working again tomorrow on HBD.

Today i came back.. heard too many stories about other people. Couldn't help it.. i don't like to dengar stories like this but hey .. i guess its okay after you dengar you just keep it to yourself. I remember the time when i really really wanted something.. but now.. that something atu when i think about it not really the thing i want which i wanted so much once upon a time ago. I guess juga when we are living with masa and apa yang di lalui bersama masa makes me feel what i felt now.. Weird.. Kalau dulu nak tu nak sesangatnya.. tapi sekarang entah apa pun i am not concern.. I biar kan saja.. like entah.. biar kan tia.. Haha.

I am on my bed now.. wondering .. How my life's going to be in the future. I can't tell though i think it probably going to go like this or that.. but hey i really can't tell. How about you? have you ever think of that.. I sat down tadi pagi when i woke up infront of the mirror ani bah.. and i saw pictures of families.. some yang telah pergi and some are still living. And when i saw those pictures, reminds me something. Those were their times.. and i wonder how's mine going to be? Have you ever wonder yours?

Sajok aircon too sajok.. to my bones terasa. Everything to the bones terasa now. Kalau dulu angin malam pun masih okay.. ani angin malam ke tulang bah. Very messy my room like my life jua.. very messy. I envy you yang keeping your room clean. Hey talking about that.. i terbiasa living alone ya and something come up.. soon. Settling down but you know so used of alone etc.. makes me worried jua. Am i ready to face all this? lots of question in my mind.

Lately i enjoy working jua. Entah jua jawabannya.. i read this book. A good book too about worry. Why worry? Worry kills you sliently.. and true lah. Why worry.. Sometimes once in a while we worry and worry for reasons.. but worth it kan to worry sampai merosakkan your health.. Oh well... Not to worry ya.. Seriously jangan worry sampai like that.. not good. We live for a reason and one reason is for happiness... So why worry. Worry just kills you silently and horribly too..

Biasa lah jua kalau bekerja, selalu kena tagurkan oleh boss... But hey sometimes bila kena tagurkan atu ertinya baik tu. At least boss care for you. I always look at it that way.. but sometimes irritating jua. Kenapa nah.. haha taim siok siok then ada tia boss menyampok menagurkan.. but sambil menagurkan ada tu jua nya mudahan inda spoil the mood ya... and when you think about it for your own good. Haha.. they're cool people just wants the best for you and your stations.. Is it the same to you? Well... that's pasal keraja.

Latest new about reality and yang lain nya memang hebat. When you pikirkan pun, rupanya ada jua yang worst terjadi pada orang. Pikir tani sorang saja.. So buat apa worry kan.. rileks saja. Hari ani banyak memeberikan myself pengajaraan. Lots yet simple. If you want your life to be simple, well make it. Don't just say em.. action mesti jua sih..

Oh paling best, over the weekend the adults learn something from a 5 to 8 year old boys and girls. Apa nah.. haha ketawa me jua sama c Alex pasal coloring contest. Funny jua eh. I didn't realize it jua. And he told me about the colorings. So apa nah.. ada satu cartoon character, which i am not very familiar of.. baik lagi c Alex he knows tapi inda tau exactly warna baju nya. So all the children ani coloring semua sama warna on the baju of the cartoon.. and Alex came up to me and ask me if i know that cartoon character.. i said inda.. and ketawa ia. Aku notis baju nya nya.. and i said why?? All the boys and girls color the baju merah and i wonder why ya.. Sekali rupanya the original cartoon pun pakai baju merah. No wonder the children inda pakai color lain... To me that would not make any difference sama ada red or other color. I guess i would see it who would color the best ... kan.. kan.. kan.. But the children inda eh... So the adults learn something that Sunday jua..Very interesting. I did learn somehting new.. and that was priceless..

I am going to sleep now.. sleepy. Got to wake up at 4.30am tomorrow. Nyte.

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