Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Oh well.... two three four LOVE????
That got to be LUST!
Just to share.. a man told me he is inlove with three. And i said what? you mean three.. okay.
this man is one of my friend. And i asked.. why three?
he answered :
i love her dearly (1st one) but cant be with her???
i love her so much and i wanted to be with her.. (2nd one)
and he told the second one, i love her (3rd one) but i couldnt be with her..
but we are inlove...
I smile.. haha in my hati. I ask him.. How does the second love feel when he told her that he and the her (3rd one) inlove but could not be together?
being with the 2nd one, i wonder.. would she be confortable in whatever she do with him knowing that he is inlove with somebody else...?
woman... what do you thing? whos is stupid here?

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