Wednesday, April 22, 2020


I totally forgot how to enter this blog spot. OMG .. seriously! I have been wanting to write here. I miss writing. I know i can't satisfy you, but at least i am writing out what's in my mind. As long as i myself (selfish mode) understand what i am saying and when i come back to this page i will know what's my story.

It 2020!! Yes it is. Memories for me 1997 and 2010. Let me see, other years would be 1991, 1994 and ... well i hope i remember more years. Em .. 2002, 2015, 2016, 2017. Em more years ... ... ... This will help me remember. Well i don't want to remember all those years. All are history. I am at present now and grateful.

Listening to MEMORIES  the Acoustic Covers right now. I wish i can remember all. But some. I am grateful too. I know now .. alone is alone. At the end alone. I don't even know what i want now. Just alone till my time. We all end up alone.

Just last night, about to sleep. I always said to my friends or myself about sleep. Why people like to sleep so much. I said kalau die then you sleep. Well, last night was different. I said no.. kalau die with Iman and Taqwa, yes you will be in peaceful state. If otherwise, you will not sleep. OMG ... now i will enjoy my sleep. I will sleep and appreciate sleep. Why? I don't know about yourself.

And today, all today because i am so alone.  I saw pictures of good times and bad times Still .. nothing compares when all end. Do you get what i am saying? NO.. No i don't think so.  I am listening to covers of all great song. I can sing along. I like that.

Now, this relate. This song relate. How would i go ... when we were young.. incase this is the last time.. before we realize ... Owh .. IT WAS JUST LIKE A MOVIE. That's it! Omg!!!! i miss those times. Time flies. Use it wisely gais. 

When i sat alone, its takes me back to those times.  Anyway, now too many distracting activities. I could say sometimes entertaining and sometimes annoying. Haha this song, something like old mention nya. Haha!! and i become reckless. How's that? Haha....

Now .. process of something good. Outlook good. But i am now superhuman. Till the end.

I am going to get my hot tea. it is 10.46pm now. Be right back ...

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