Friday, October 21, 2016

Salah-Salah rasa ..

'HERE FOR YOU'  ft ELLA HENDERSON  on a beautiful Friday morning. Wet as it is in the morning drizzling 'drizzling' .. woke up early, took the black car for a ride of its life 'haha' out and about. Chilling at home now, wearing what i wore last night.  Thinking of what to write. So much in my head to share. Pardon my English. I don't need you to correct it, thank you. Do your own thing please.. 'haha' i am cool, are you?

So twice AZIMAH her name ..  a bit over the knee black skirt and pink top with a black bangles slide a bit upper the 'siku' on her right hand, sitting on the stair of three, since morning bah. So went back in the evening, and still that pink top with black skirt sat and stand, watching people passes by.. $2 please, pakai makan nya.. She approach this other car infront of me, i came out of my car and approach her, asked her, what is she doing? She said $2 saja pakai makan.. Seriously?

She had been doing this everyday nya.. and of course people tani di Brunei ani would dengan ringan hati bersedekah if ada orang minta duit like that. Of course what is a dollar, two or even five or maybe ten. Yes of course .. why not. But she'd been there since early morning. I got my coffee at the Coffee Bean, a bit up is the BIBD Bank. So she stood there, sat there, people passed by and menghulurkan her $$.  So i just looked and ignore. Then the evening of the same day, last night, she was still there. Like emmmm :( what is she doing?

Called the police and wonder if anyone make any calls with regards to this, and no that policeman said. So i said this lady in all details, was there since morning.. asking for $$ .. Owh nya okay will call Polis Bandar and inform them. I was there a while and alum jua ada. I approach thsi pink top black skirt because she was knocking ceramin kereta orang and i asked her, and interviewed her lah sakajap.. She said she been doing this everyday.  Wow!! That was the second time i saw her.

Last time when i went to the ATM SCB Bandar, i parked infront atu and rush in. She came in and said 'minta duit' .. and that time there was this guy in there with me, same thing mengambil duit jua.  When i heard her said that, i was like OMG ada orang dangan nya kali nie dalam hati berkata.. I told that man next to me jangan jalan, don't leave me, and wait.. Haha!!!! Hahaha!! Jalan ia tinggalkan nya ku. COWARD SHIT banar laki laki ah. So i was alone and she was still there.. 'minta duit' nya.. OMG panik but calm. Yes .. i don't mind bagi duit, ya don't mind.. but i don't want what i imagine like ada lagi dangan nya etc etc.. So i was done, and i looked at her.. i said come out from there.. so i know she was alone. She was telling me this and that etc.. this that etc.. So i pacah kan my duit and gave her some. And i told her use that $$ wisely. And she left gone and i never see her again.

So semalam atu, when i spoke to her, then i realized that she was the one. I told her she did that last time too.. and she sort of like owh ya kah.. Local nie, Zimah nya namanya. I asked her why she do this? Nya ani atu etc etc. I think the third time if i see her, i think i will get her details and let pihak yang berwajib to help her out. I don't exactly know why she do that. I was shocked.

Yang cali nya, i jua yang call polis and i jua yang told her i called the police. And i gave her some $$ and she left. She wanted to hug me to say thanks, tapi i didn't hug her. Kesian jua.. Not that i don't want to hug her, she been there since morning. Salah salah..

I pray for her safty. I pray for Allah be with her. And i pray someone would help her out of her misery. I don't know why but i am sure she yang tau why.

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