Saturday, January 28, 2012


Another birthday. Alhamdulillah .. thank you Ya Allah. I got to see another day today to see another new adventurous and challanging life.

Raining here .. i am typing on my new laptop - DELL. My husband bought for me for my birthday and thank you darling. I lOVe you. Psst.. he want me to write more. Hehehe... Jangan Jeles.

You got be interesting and one of a kind to have a great life. Jangan common saja. Be yourself and express yourself, nya Madonna. I am here typing, my hubby testing his new driver. Infront of the mirror in our living room testing ... live Football now Liv-Man U. Comel jua.

Oh tadi satu umbrella with him, he told me something. I burst laughing .. apa? Well .. malas ku share. For me an him saja. You figure it out. I thought that was cute. I love that short moment atu, reminds me something when i was younger. Now? 25 you.. yes TIME IN 25.

Life. My life has and will be interesting, Insyaallah. I have to be interesting, otherwise boring tia jua. Heheh.. I am smiling and i am the only one yang tahu why.

in Less than two hours .... MY BIRTHDAY. ..

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