Saturday, June 13, 2009


4.50am.. today i woke up screaming loud. And i tell you it touched me and i scratched it and it scream!!! It freak me out and my temperature raised to the max i woke up and never sleep.. Gila eh. I know why and just so real this time..

I felt the cold ugly textured hand .. long.. i know i didnt want to toleh and see what and i felt the thick hair on my arm and just so cold!! My heart is beating now as i type ani.. and i put my hand ontop of its hand and scartched deep and it scream!!!

I could not voice out as i felt it shut my mulut ani bah.. but i ...i...iii just coba saja until i tebangun and out loud BISMILLAH... YA ALLAH .. its so real...

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PainQler said...

Must be Antu Jemu Gendong kali..

Lain kali jgn lupa basuh kaki cuci gigi ok..

P/s: Sebelum Tidur minum milo sure ngatok abis terlelap.. harap2 inda terdengar bunyi kuruh lh ye..